The cornerstone of Jennifer’s financial practice is custom portfolio design and investment management tailored to your specifc needs. Your financial world is unique and your advisor should reflect and support you in all ways.

Jennifer specializes in pre-retirement planning that includes traditional yet modern strategies to help you enjoy your chosen lifestyle throughout retirement. Freedom and independence are a priority to most clients. She reviews all asset and income sources and offers alternative views on meeting income objectives for life, estate preservation and legacy planning. Jennifer has the ability and experience to draw from rich resources of knowledge, including a nationwide network of legal and tax specialists. 



Jennifer considers each element of your life – well beyond your finances when designing your comprehensive financial plan and structuring your portfolio of investments. She uses a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of your life, including a thorough understanding of all your financial obligations, resources and goals. She also helps you to explore your true thoughts and
feelings about money, which is essential for your ultimate satisfaction. She believes that wealth and happiness grow from selfawareness and self-mastery, and endeavors to provide a supportive environment of advice and direction underpinned by training, experience and a genuine desire to serve you toward that end.



  • Portfolio Asset Allocation & Management
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Retirement Plan Distributions & Cash Flow Considerations
  • Education, Estate, Trust and Tax Planning
  • Life, Health & Long-Term Care Insurance Planning